Prepping for Florence

The Carolinas have been preparing for Hurricane Florence for more than a week. She finally made it to Upstate SC yesterday…..kind of. Mostly she was indecisive and moved like molasses.

She is now just hovering like a helicopter parent, blanketing all of North Carolina and most of South Carolina. We are blessed and really just enjoying 72 degree weather, a lovely breeze, and some light rain.

Just to be safe, we went to the farm yesterday to put up some silt fence. More underbrushing was accomplished this last week on the land, so we were concerned that this storm might wash all the small pieces down the property.

We forgot a hammer/mallet so Mike had to use the blunt end of a hatchet to get the job done. We made quick work of it and slept easier last night.

Prayers to everyone who wasn’t as lucky as us. I’ve lived through some devastating hurricanes and know how traumatic they can be. May peace be with everyone as the Carolinas band together to support one another. ❤️

Next week, a post about traveling with woman’s best friend! Mike and Tessa (our lab) are staying home to work and put up more fencing while Jax (our puppy) and I head to Texas to visit family.

Stay tuned!


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