Clearing a fenceline

45193671-B641-40BC-8828-74DCB0E5CC3FF9688EE2-25E1-47D4-9146-A957E6CD1DE365BD8F69-28DC-4D1C-B520-4004B45CA594E634F3C7-A227-42DA-95FD-B4B9D1D10AA6C3D1AC65-CF4A-4545-8763-4B3F1EDDD97E0BF5EE0B-8D60-4811-84B9-50AA8F5314C607C063CA-B7B4-47CB-92D2-78E1100F3EBC2C04D25C-9D38-4C47-BF5D-66A020141A59Last weekend we moved a LOT of dirt! Mike rented an excavator to clean the future fence line. It was his first time operating this kind of equipment and he watched lots of how-to YouTube videos ahead of time.

This machine is amazing! It can knock down trees, pick up huge rocks, and smooth out a surface super well. As you view the pictures and videos below, bear in mind all of this was dense forest (like you see all around it) 48 hours ago.
Thankfully, Mike had some help this weekend with this big project. Our close friend Korey has a lot more experience than we do with heavy equipment and spent several hours each day knocking a lot of this out. Mike’s dad Joe Bob also came to support us, on hand to help and ensure everyone was being safe. These machines easily tip over and when you are messing with big trees, it’s always helpful to have an extra set of eyes. Many thanks to these guys for making this weekend so productive!
I’m also incredibly grateful for my mom-in-love for having us over for a yummy supper Saturday night, knowing we would be worn out from the day. Thoughtful gestures like this make my heart happy.
I also worked on killing some grass in the driveway (in a natural way) and on our compost!



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