Sun Tans and Sweet Cheeks

Hey ya’ll! It’s summer time which means we are busybusybusy with both of our careers, working on the farm, family vacations, grad school for me, and lots of visitors. Last weekend our daughter, son-in-love, grandson, and two grand-pups came to visit. Wow! What a fun weekend! Photos below. 🙂

It was a delightful weekend full of a lot of fun, some work on the farm, and hundreds of kisses on that sweet baby boy.  We spent time on the farm (thanks Alyson for the awesome Butterfly Bush transplants!) and also spent a good amount of time simply enjoying our sweet family.

We have many plans over the next couple of weeks farm-related. We will be meeting with builders, graders, horticulture experts, etc. to really get rolling on our dream. Every day is filled with countless conversations, brainstorming, Pinterest-pinning, note-taking, and audio-book listening. We are taking advice from everyone who will talk to us and we are beyond excited to learn what we don’t yet know.

Thanks for sticking with us as we learn, the adventure continues!




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