Getting Started with Compost

For years, I have cringed every time I have thrown away food scraps, paper towel and toilet paper rolls, leftover coffee grinds and tea leaves, etc. As we currently live in a condo until we move out to the farm, I’ve been unable to save all these valuable materials for our future orchards, berry bushes, and vegetable garden. Until now, that is! While our space is limited, we do have a chest freezer in addition to our fridge/freezer combo.
A couple of months ago I started placing all my food scraps into recycled ziploc bags and sticking them in the freezer. I also started a paper grocery bag full of “brown material” (paper, cardboard, etc.) and created a sign over the trash can to educate our family and visitors about what should go where. I now have an entire chest freezer full of food scraps and a big plastic tub of brown material. I can’t believe we have been throwing this stuff away all these years!
In addition to the garden/orchard compost, I have also collected all leftover tea and coffee and theirs leaves/grinds so we may gift their wonderfully acidic qualities to our blueberry bushes. I even have a friend who manages a teashop bringing me her leftovers!
My hope to is build my compost container system out of used, untreated pallets this weekend. I have found plans on my handy-dandy Pinterest to construct this system out of 9 pallets, some screws, and chicken wire. This three-container system will process the compost at it’s three stages of development. I can’t tell you how excited I am to watch my compost break down and create rich goodness for our garden and orchard!
Yesterday I went out to the farm to treat the blueberry bushes with the coffee/tea “potion” and check to see if there were any blackberries left. There weren’t any blackberries. I did find, however, that my corn and pumpkin that I randomly planted is growing strong!
Stay tuned for this weekend’s adventures…we’ve been mostly away from the farm for two weeks and we are itching to jump back in!

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