Homestead Clearing and Soil Sampling

Sunday was exciting! Underbrushing is officially underway. In case that term is unfamiliar, underbrushing is accomplished using a skid steer with a mulcher attachment to remove all the “underbrush.” Essentially on our land this means anything six inches or less in diameter. It allows us to truly see the topography of the land and movearound more easily.

So Mike has been working on this and working his regular job until eight or nine each night this week. Thank you babe!

I’ve missed all this progress until yesterday because last week my adulting responsibilities demanded rushing home to my puppy every night, working on grad school homework, and spending half of Saturday getting my hair done. And I needed to get my old car ready to sell. And I needed to go buy rubber floormats for my new car because we have a lot of dirt and a ridiculous amount of this dirt somehow finds its way inside my car.  Because of all of these necessary non-homesteading chores, it was Sunday before I was able to go out and see this!

The Farm At Homestead Cove
WOW! You can see the land AND walk it without battling brush!

We spent some time considering where and how we will place our future home. We changed our mind several times and even though it is marked now, we changed our mind again last night and will need to move these stakes and ribbon next time we are there.

The Farm At Homestead Cove
Where will the house go? Nobody knows. 🙂


Even though we don’t yet know exactly where the house will go, it was fun to envision our home and where it will sit. We are considering factors such as the location of the sun at different times of year (there’s an app for that), cardinal direction positioning (so the North wind doesn’t beat us up on the back deck), and privacy factors.

The Farm At Homestead Cove
Fourteen million sticks on this farm and you have to chew on the stake we are using? Really Jax?

While Mike worked on cutting up trees, as usual, I gathered some soil samples. We are taking them to our local extension office to be analyzed. It is time to begin planning the future orchard and vegetable garden, so I gathered about two cups of soil at each of these locations. For just $6 per sample, we will get a full analysis and learn what we might need to do to prepare our soil for these purposes. The garden will have your normal vegetables and in the orchard we plan to grow figs, peaches, pears, and apples.

The Farm At Homestead Cove
A good excuse to play in the dirt!

The weather in our area was incredible this weekend with temperatures in the 70s and 80s. For July in South Carolina, it was a treat to get a little cool weather. Not only was it super pleasant, but it made us consider how nice it will be to work out on the farm this fall!

By five o’clock it was time to head home to bathe the dogs (see sweet post-bath puppy R&R time pic below), make dinner, and meal prep for the week.

The Farm At Homestead Cove
Jackson watching the world go by after his bath.

This week we will be getting ready to head to the beach with family on Saturday, so my posts will be centered on more domestic topics such as meal prep, homemade dog food recipes, and Kombucha making!

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read our little blog and sent sweet comments and messages. We are happy to have you on this journey with us! Have a happy week everyone.




2 thoughts on “Homestead Clearing and Soil Sampling

  1. Lauretta G Cook

    Your land is beautiful! Thank you for sharing part of your morning and your vision for what’s to come. Jackson looks right at home there already!

    Liked by 1 person

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