A Wee Bit of Messy Fun

Saturday was just a big ol’ messy fun time!

Mike loaded up his tools and headed to the farm and I loaded up the dogs and stopped at the store to grab sub sandwiches and a few other things. I left the dogs in the car (with the air on AND another fan going, don’t call the authorities) for a few minutes and when I came back, my Rottie puppy Jax had found his way to the backseat on top of my daypack with it’s frozen camel-pack inside. This pup would live in the fridge if I let him!

The Farm at Homestead Cove
Jax found the coolest spot in the car. Excuse the mes, its takes a lot of stuff to manage a day at the farm! Older lab Tessa is in the back, excited about the adventure ahead.

Get Rid of the Bugs

Last weekend we were eaten up by bugs and spent the whole week covered in anti-itch cream. It wasn’t pretty. So we bought a 50-lb bag of food grade diatomaceous earth and some all natural insect repellent made with essential oils. After spraying ourselves down with the repellent (which I am going to make myself from now on after reading the ingredients and paying retail), I got to work spreading the DE.

We are using this product because I am adamant we won’t have any pesticides, insecticides, etc. on this farm. If you aren’t familiar with DE, it is pulverized fossil material that is safe for humans and animals to consume but kills bugs. From what I understand it’s microscopic jagged edges deter and kills insects. It’s not a chemical, won’t hurt us, so I gave it the seal of approval.

Our research advised to wear a mask so you don’t inhale the baby-powder-like substance, so Mike went to work on a tree and I donned a mask and started spreading. We wanted to focus on the areas where we tend to spend a lot of time, so started on one of the trails. The puppy couldn’t help himself and was all up in it, so he was quickly tied to a tree outside the cloud of white. He of course had no interest in wearing a mask. I covered the area pretty well in an hour or so, making a HUGE mess. Below is a pic when we got home, covered in this lovely stuff!

Right before we left I covered our parking area since we tend to sit there with the dogs a lot and it was crazy to see the ants immediately start to vacate the area! We should know in a week or so if it is working. I would love to hear how others have used DE, it’s fascinating!

The Farm At Homestead Cove
My summer wardrobe used to be swimsuits and cutoffs, now it’s cargo pants and hiking boots!

Found More Berries!

Last week I posted about finding wild blackberry and blueberry bushes on the farm. We picked a bunch last weekend and I added them to my greek yogurt all week, so yummy! Mike and I spent a few minutes picking the ripe blackberries Saturday and managed to collect about a quart of berries in short order.

We are going to lose these bushes when the underbrushing guy starts work this week, but there are others on the property and I’ve transplanted a good number of young plants out of harm’s way. The blueberries aren’t ripe yet (looking forward to that!) and they are staked off so they won’t be underbrushed if at all possible.

Blackberries The Farm At Homestead Cove

Cleaning Up

The last couple of weeks has brought a lot of summer storms, so much of our day was spent cleaning up fallen tress and limbs from the trails. We have several natural trails on the property already and have made a few more to access other areas.

Yesterday Mike was cutting up a fallen tree and found about fifty yards of old rusted barbed wire buried just under the surface. Luckily he was able to get most of it out, that wouldn’t be fun for one of the pups to get tangled up in!

Mike Saving Us From Barbed Wire The Farm At Homestead Cove
Mike gathering up old barbed wire, makes me wonder what kind of farm was here many years before us?

Name That Mushroom

I saw the mushroom pictured below by the creek and was careful to keep us and the dogs away from it until I identify it. I’m hopeful it’s a Chanterelle and google says it might be. Do any readers know?

Name That Mushroom The Farm at Homestead Cove
Name That Mushroom!

That’s a Wrap

It was a hot day in Upstate SC and we worked until the water ran out. Back to our rental for a dip in pool, a hot shower, and a cold beer!

On Monday, the whole property will begin to look different as the underbrushing gets started. We will take pictures along the way!

Hot Sweaty Messy The Farm At Homestead Cove
Hot mess covered in diatomaceous earth, sweat, dirt, and dog hair.

2 thoughts on “A Wee Bit of Messy Fun

  1. Jorie

    We use DE in our garden all the time. We harvest and preserve 500-1000 #s of organically grown veggies, fruit, and grains each year. You can order/buy food grade de from Home Depot!


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