Meet Punchface

Punchface the tree.

Yep, you read that right. This tree is one of two trees on our property we have found that look like they have a face. I will update this post with a picture of the other one this weekend.

Back when we first found this land, my husband nicknamed this particular tree “Punchface” because it looked like a veteran boxer after a few too many trips in the ring.

Now Punchface is a landmark for us. He stands proudly near the spot we have chosen for our home to be constructed and we very much hope we can keep him. It would be sad to see him go, I like that he is hanging out there watching over us.

Soon we will start naming the “parts” of our property. While 20 acres isn’t a huge amount, each section has it’s own unique vibe. Right now our descriptions are “the goat area (the place we intend to have goats),” “the rock” (one of many rocks but I have designated one as “the”) “the diaper” (there is literally a diaper someone left there at home point, we haven’t moved it because it really is a landmark for us), “the meadow,” (the place where we park our cars right now) and of course, “punchface.”

I look forward to officially naming the sections of the property and making signs for each!

Punchface standing tall and regal.

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